Monday, May 6, 2013


Omg! i almost forgot i have this blog! lol. It's been quite a while since i last blogged.A lot has happened along the years....moving houses, plants dying on me because of the moves, grandkids. Now finally settled in the new home, no more moves and i'm starting over growing plants especially gesneriads, focussing mainly on sinningias. This is one sinningia speciosa or florist gloxinia that i've planted from seed. It's a Charles Lawn hybrid and i'm so excited to see what colour blooms i will get. I'm guessing it'll be a spotted white gloxie. Let's wait and see...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Adenium 'Spindrift'

A Taiwan hybrid...supposed to be slightly fragrant but i can't detect any scent...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hoya mindorensis of my favourite hoya. Just love its perfect globulous shape. It blooms frequently and easy to grow. Doesn't it look good enough to eat?

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Phal bellina. LOvely scent! TaiTai, you bought this for me : )

Coelogyne speciosa....too bad this one doesn't give a spray of blooms. It flowers one at a time and this is the fourth cycle.

one of the earlier blooms


Decided to buy dinner last night and we chose London Kebab (KB Branch). DH had Chicken Doner + Fish & Chips and i had Lamb Doner. We were disappointed...heard that the one in BSB is good but sorry to say, KB standard is was like eating yesterday's dinner and DH doesn't like his either. I think i make better kebab and fish & chips. Well, this is one more food joint that we'll take a miss in the future. *sigh* how i missed all the good food in Singapore,,,the Indian rojak, nasi lemak, lontong, yong tau fu. I must fly back again! Lol...

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Apart from being attracted to weird, out of this world and exotic plants, I'm also a sucker for plants with striking colours. Neoregelia is one such plant. It is a genus belonging to the Bromeliaceae family. These are my neos.....

Pink Sensation x Royal Burgundy

Prince Kuhio

Prince of Darkness

Walking Tall

Burnsie's Spiral

Touch the Heart

No id

Sun King

Charcharodon Giant


Charcharodon Tiger

Friday, June 6, 2008

My Plumerias

Plumeria pudica aka Bridal Bouquet

Violet Princess

These are some of my small plumeria aka frangipani collection that has bloomed for me. For some people in our asian community, this plant is still taboo to have in the house compound. It is one of many scented flowering plants that are considered favourite dwellings for evil spirits and brings bad Feng Shui. Another common name for it is the 'Graveyard Plant'.....what an injustice to such a beautiful plant ~ reason being that the common white flowering ones are mostly found planted in cemeteries.

Glad to know that in Singapore, plumerias are becoming a favourite for those with landed properties and they can be seen growing along the roads and parks. When i was in my secondary schooling years, i remembered the whole bunch of us plucking some dark red flowering ones somewhere in Frankel was for our dance performance for the school concert. The plants were of cos planted outside of the home compound. Ah...those were the days... I've yet to see tho, people going crazy over plumeria here in Brunei. Maybe i should go around promoting